Color Matters! The Easiest $5,400 you've ever made!

Author: Rich Vogelzang | June 6, 2017

Increase Your Home Sale Price by $5,400 by Adding Some Color

A recent paint color analysis by Zillow found that homes with blue bathrooms sold for an average of $5,400 or more -- powder blue or shades of periwinkle to be precise. For exteriors, homes with neutral tones sold for nearly $4,000 more.
The color blue could put an extra $5400 in your pocket
This may seem surprising. A common myth is that painting your walls white is the best way to sell your home. You hear phrases like, "It's neutral and won't scare off a buyer," but adding some color around the home actually can go a long way in not only selling your home, but selling it at a higher premium.
So go ahead, add that accent color to a wall or two. Liven up a space with a light blue or soft gray.
Room color sales effect
You can view a full list of financial pains and gains for different rooms based on their color here:
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